Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crise belge ベルギー危機

Tout d’abord voici quelques nouvelles de la fête de destruction/reconstruction de l’ambassade de Belgique à Tokyo. Ca a été un franc succès. J’y suis allée trois jours d’affilée, on pouvait y manger des frites et des gaufres, boire de la bière belge, mais pas se baigner dans la belle piscine malheureusement. La maquette représente la nouvelle ambassade telle qu'elle sera dans deux ans. Je dois dire que plutôt que de parler de cette fête, je me sens concernée par la crise belge, et le vote sur BHV. BHV en soi ne me concerne pas vraiment bien sûr. Et je ne suis pas non plus vraiment d’accord avec l’immobilisme francophone... mais de là à ce que les flamands fassent front commun (y compris le Vlaamse Belang, parti d’extrême-droite) contre les francophones, pour faire passer une loi quelle qu’elle soit, cette animosité me rend triste. Et le respect des minorités dans tout ça ? Et maintenant la France qui sonde sa population pour accueillir la Wallonie.... tout ça me semble tellement irréaliste ! Serait-on vraiment dans une impasse ?


shigeru said...



tsuru said...

coucou Linou!
Thank you for inviting me.
"Old Embassy party" was very nice!It was packed.waffle was gooood!!I Love waffle.

Belgium relationships is very difficult.
There is an intimate relationship between them.Belgium people should be more friendly.

YUME said...

I have enjoyed "Old Embassy party"  with my friends. Belgian waffle was so delicious!! We were all happy to go there.

About the Belgian government, it is too difficult to understand for me. If I have a chance to live in Belgium, I may be able to understand them more.....

It is good idea to get to know each other better.

I have uodated my blog.

Bonne nuit!

linou said...

Tsuru, thank you very much for coming to the Old Embassy, we had a lot of fun! You are aware of the relationship between French and Dutch speakers in Japan, since you spend a lot of time at Belgian events and I'm sure you will agree with me that there is no much tension besides Saint Nicolas and Santa Klaus between the two communities!
Yume, thank you also for coming to the event and inviting so many friends, I was glad to see you there twice! You are right, it is very difficult to understand the issue in Belgium from Japan, the news don't talk about it, and you are a very strong nation in Japan, lucky you! Thank you anyway for showing some interest in Belgian stories!